“IRO-POCHI” is a 3 cm wide x 5 cm long cloth tape tag with a raised dots representing a hue circle. There is a hole larger than the raised dot at the position of the colour indicated on the tag.

●What is the hue circle?

The hue circle is a system of rings of hues and is one of the systems used to explain colours academically. It is a popular system that shows at a glance the correlation between colours, with neighbouring colours being close and facing colours being complementary.

How to use

“IRO-POCHI” can be used for a wide range of objects requiring colour information, from general clothing such as T-shirts, coats, trousers and skirts, to hats, bags, handkerchiefs, towels, curtains and other interior items.

How to attach

“IRO-POCHI” can be sewn directly onto clothing. It can also be attached on using the sheets for iron-on bonding enclosed with the purchase of “IRO-POCHI”.