“IRO-POCHI” is a tag developed to support the visually impaired by attaching it to clothing, but it can also be used on a wide range of products as a universal design to indicate colours. In order to promote “IRO-POCHI”, we need the support of companies, schools and individuals to make Iropochi known to as many people as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

When should I order “IRO-POCHI”?

“IRO-POCHI” can be ordered at the stage when the ‘colour’ of the product has been decided. If the product you are dealing with is clothing, we can deliver “IRO-POCHI” and tags or care labels at the same time.

Colouring “IRO-POCHI” to make it easier for the sewing worker

 The design is based on the maker’s point of view and assumes a “sewing” process.

“IRO-POCHI” is coloured in hues to make it easier for the sewing workers sewing “IRO-POCHI” onto clothes to know which “IRO-POCHI” to use on which garments. The same colours are printed on the basic and light-coloured “IRO-POCHI” of the same hue. To distinguish between them, the upper side of the light-coloured “IRO-POCHI” is cut in a semicircle shape.

“IRO-POCHI” can show all colours

Colours have hue, lightness and saturation, and there are many different colours within the same hue. “IRO-POCHI” can be used on any coloured product, as it contains all hues and has elements indicating saturation and lightness.