The colourful life will be for everyone

Identify colour by touching. Shows the relationship between colours.

Tactile colour tag “IRO-POCHI” is a universal design designed to encourage everyone in the world to enjoy colour and fashion, regardless of handicap or age.

“IRO-POCHI*” was designed and produced by FUKUI Co., Ltd., a graphic design agency, based on a design developed by Prof. Ken Sagawa in JAPAN WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY.

*“IRO-POCHI” is a registered trademark of FUKUI Co., Ltd..
‘IRO’ means ‘colour’,’POCHI’ means ‘raised dots’.

“IRO-POCHI” indicates the colour by the position of the dots and holes on the tag based on the Munsell hue ring, a worldwide colour system. It can be used on a wide range of products, including clothes, bags and fashion accessories.

May “IRO-POCHI” spread all over the world!
We hope “IRO-POCHI” be popularised by both those who make and use the product.

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